Monday, February 11, 2008

The difference between my company and I...

They will surely push for a republican ticket... They are defense contractors and many of them will vote Republican because in their hearts and minds that is what will keep them employed.

I wonder how it is that people can be so delusional to vote this way simply because it is the way that the corporate executives and directors will want the election to go. If you are truly a Republican and support anti-abortion, and support the cause behind our war, and support lower taxes across the board, and support trimming domestic programs in favor of defense and security programs then vote Republican. Each of us has a right that others have died protecting to vote the way we want to.

But to say you would vote Republican, or to be afraid that your clients or comrades would single you out because you bucked your company's mission and voted with your heart is not worth my pity or my sympathy. It is truly you out there who would do such a thing that should apologize to the family of each soldier who has ever died in this country's name.

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